10 Basic Principles of the Food Doctor Diet – Allows Healthy, Sustainable Weight Loss

The problem with many fad diets these days is that once you begin to lose weight, a minor slip in the program can have you gaining back the pounds as quickly as you lost them. Most fad diets are also impractical, costly; some are downright dangerous to your health. If you’re tired of following a program that makes your weight bounce up and down like a yo-yo, then you might want to try the Food Doctor Diet.

The testament to this program’s effectiveness is the fact that it has been around for several years and still continues to gain followers. Dr. Ian Marber, a nutritionist in the UK, created the program after noticing that none of the diets that his patients followed were sustainable. Some were even giving them more health problems in the end. So, he created the Food Doctor Diet with the idea that it would be a diet for life. In fact, Dr. Marber made his diet so simple that one must only follow ten principles of the program:

1. Eat your proteins AND complex carbohydrates. For example, for your lunch, you can eat a satisfying meal with mashed potatoes. But for dinner, make sure not to eat potatoes again.
2. Drink no less than 6 glasses of water. Limit your drinking of alcohol to less than three times, and only drink with meals.
3. Make varied eating choices.
4. Eat little, but often.
5. Breakfast is important, so don’t skip it.
6. Avoid sugar like the plague.
7. A good diet program is made even better with a good exercise regimen.
8. Break the rules once in a while. Make sure you stick to the program 80% of the time. You can cheat on the other 20%.
9. When eating, don’t rush. Relax and enjoy your food.
10. Essential fats are needed; don’t be afraid to eat them.

These are the basic principles of the Food Doctor Diet. They are simple and easy to follow. Once you get in the program, you can be assured that your weight will remain at exactly where you want it, plus you’ll be healthy, too.